Parking 2019-02-06T05:24:12

  Parking (Do not use google map in old city with four wheeler vehicle)

"Parking is not available in Festive dates" "We can only assist you, don't panic yourself & us"

Being located in the old City with space limitations, the hotel does not have Parking facility. On arrival we can offer suggestions and assist, but we do not take responsibility for Parking or its provision. Five minute walk away from Kotra Haveli is a large government run Parking lot that offers parking against reasonable charges. Most of the monuments, bazaars, restaurants and other places of interest are in easy walking distance from Kotra Haveli.

Our hotel does not have accommodation for drivers. We take no responsibility for such accommodation. We suggest Guests to pre-plan and pre-book driver's Stay in-order to avoid any surprise element. There are hotels that provide economic accommodation to drivers coming to our city, such stay could be booked/arranged by Drivers themselves.